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 Being up to date and knowledgeable of how the fleet remarketing business works is how we adapt and survive. Let us help you make the future of your fleet brighter and more accessible, all while having the least amount of fees. Allow us to help you prepare and bring your fleet ahead of the pack.

1 Million

EVs on the road


In potential tax credits per vehicle

84 Million

Trips taken on shared micromobility


Saved from fuel annually

The Instant Benefits of Buying with Pro Remarketing

  Enhance productivity.

 A trusted fleet only puts out cars that are ready to be sold.

A team that is easy to work with.

  A fleet of fully reconditioned Vehicles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle remarketing is the practice of selling used fleet vehicles. Vehicle remarketing is based on forecasting trends, knowledge of vehicle makes and models, and connections with the right people and channels. Fleet managers often assume there’s no value left in their vehicles and opt to dispose of them, but vehicle remarketing can help fleet owners return a fair market value for their used vehicles.

The manufacturer and model name of each vehicle are listed on registration and insurance documents.

The model refers to the specific type of car and is usually signified by an external badge on the rear of the vehicle.

Examples of makes and models are Toyota and Corolla, Hyundai and iLoad, and Ford and Ranger.

On registration and insurance paperwork the make would be listed as Toyota and the model would be listed as Corolla.

If you’re looking for a quick few hundred dollars, fleet lease disposal may be for you. But fleet remarketing is the clear choice in cases where we find we can minimize expenses to sell and maximize the most money for retention.

By using developed pricing models and using multiple pricing guides, we’re able to know when to sell and not sell. That sometimes means it takes a few extra days, but returns more money to you.

Yes. Vehicles remarketing is based on forecast trends